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Second Phase Giveaway



Matsu: Wellp, looks like I missed another milestone. Better late than never though, hm? Anywho.. Thank you so much for the 400! Now, this is going to run like the rest of my giveaways: you MUST be a poke-ask blog, and only reblogs will count here. The top 3…

i wish i was actually good at designing characters. like i can come up with stories all fine and well but i can’t make a unique design that isn’t over the top and everyone else is incredible with their characters. i want to be able to design a character who grabs people’s attention, a character that isn’t a carbon copy of everything else. i want to create something that makes people say ‘wow, what a cool design with such a cool personality/backstory, i want to know more about them’. i want to create the perfect character.



….i…. kinda wanna reboot aleks’ blog…. again……

i did it. i hate myself and it’s gonna take 20 yrs for me to set it up but i did it


golly gosh drawing jinkas are fun ahh but then agaiiinnn hghhh

reblog this with a reference then maybe i’ll try drawing your pokemon as jinkas too?Or if you already did just put that there yeah thanks

i need to bring my self out of this art block UGH

i am on mobile so i can’t link but there’s a ref of merl on my page SOMEWHERE…..

….i…. kinda wanna reboot aleks’ blog…. again……

ask-shiny-pachirisu asked

Who is your favorite of your characters? Of others’ characters?

more of mine: PILVERD
more of others: remember luke

If you could meet one person from the community, who would it be?

uh.. snowish. and groxy. basically everyone

How do you plan out plots? RPs?

a lot of my blogs are made on whims and i see if it works. i’ll usually develop the plot as i go

tailsluigi asked
3, 17, 20 (I'm curious why Merl still remembers Tails and Yuri.)

3.Who is your favorite of your characters? Of others’ characters?

out of my own: i think either aleks or ark to be honest. luv my quilavas
of others: not gonna lie i love all of the characters. esp. matsu’s nerds and yonder’s, bagel’s, lottie’s, gio’s, etc. also CHIISAI MY BABY…

17.Favourite food? Song? Color? Show? Movie? Video Game?

food: SUSHI AND MACARONS(or sweets. luv me some cheesecake + konpeito is p rad too)
song: literally anything with cellos
colour: pale blues and greys
show: have any of you watched daily lives of high school boys
movie: ame to yuki (SOBS)
video game: okami is cool fe is cool ssb is cool pokemon is cool acnl is cool

20.Give one fact/headcanon about your character.

remember how vandoren suddenly went blind? it was because he had no latias counterpart. he had way too much psychic power that he couldn’t release when he was born and as a result his brain overworked itself resulting in the loss of vision.

(merl has an excellent memory. the blog was not rebooted so he still retains all his previous memories before the war. however as you can see he’s not quite the mon he used to be..)